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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer edui adipiscing elit. Our practice encompasses a wide range of building types including specialization in Healthcare infrastructure, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Embassies, Commercial, Residential Buildings and Educational Facilities. It is the firm’s philosophy that exposure to a wide array of building types keeps a firm vital. Therefore each new project benefits from the application of lessons learned from working in other buildings types.
"What stands for true quality for us is to explore the designs lorem ipsum until we have found the best and most creative solution"


From the very beginning, we have designed interiors along with architecture. AKA is uniquely placed as an expert in creating the spaces within which we work, learn, heal and live. Our dedicated specialists on interiors all contribute with their expertise and style to clients, many of whom come to us exclusively for interior design projects.



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer edui adipiscing elit. We work in small, focused teams so that the experts assigned to the project work directly with the client and associates throughout the project cycles. This focused approach ensures intimacy, commitment and personalized services and therefore complete client satisfaction.
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